I Believe in LCN Manicures and Shooting Stars

They say first impressions count, and on our first encounter with people, a handshake has always been the tradition. Have you ever noticed how you pay attention to someone’s hand with every handshake? And I don’t know about you, but I get a rush when I realize my manicure doesn’t communicate the well-presented woman I am. I’ve discovered a new nail product called LCN, aimed to beautify my fingernails whilst eliminating other stresses I never knew I had.

911 I need a nail technician!
After recently having moved from home, much of my pamper sessions had become a nightmare due to the distance I would have to travel just to get a haircut or a fresh manicure. Apart from distance the fear of going on a joy ride to find a new nail tech that would not damage my nail bed like past experiences felt like a nightmare I did not want to be part of. If you thought that was all, let’s discuss the issue of nails lifting a week after your manicure, and the stressful moments when your nail gets hooked in your weave, or that moment when you have to find nail polish to match your manicure after a nail has fallen off.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I live a busy life, with the move I’ve done the heavy lifting every weekend which has also restricted me from beautifying my nails. I’ve been searching for a solution, and although it’s too early to tell I’m excited to have discovered LCN nails.

What is LCN?

Till LCN offered me a nail treatment I had no idea what LCN was. Wilde Dental was founded in 1914; Yes, you probably have the same thoughts as me, what has dental got to do with Nails? The pioneering German researchers in the dental resin are responsible for making such a lasting impact in the beauty industry. In 1985 Wilde Cosmetics GmbH was established to bring the same, quality, durability and beauty of composite resin systems to fingernail Cosmetics.

The result is seen in LCN, a revolutionary line of light-cured products designed to seal, correct, lengthen and beautify fingernails. The first of its kind this product provides a non-acrylic alternative to conventional nail cosmetics, providing longer lasting nails.

What are the benefits of switching to LCN?

 Healthy Choice: There is a reduced risk of forming allergies with LCN light curing products, as many often develop an allergy to the monomers, primers, and acids after many years of use. LCN light curing products do not use Acetone, solvents or acids. Most importantly none of their products are tested on animals in any way.

Superior Light Curing Products: LCN products are highly durable, flexible to mimic the properties of your natural nail and they promise to not yellow under UV and Sunlight.

Customizable Solutions: LCN light curing products offer services according to your preferences. Whether you have dry, brittle, weak, damaged nails or healthy normal nails; the nail technicians are trained to offer the product most suited for you.

Easy to maintain: With Resin you don’t need to soak off the product as it becomes one with the nail only requiring you to fill in every 3 – 5 weeks, yes you read right with its durability depending on how your nails grow you can push your fill to 5 weeks should time not be on your side. Many clients have gone as far as 2 years without having to remove the product from their nails with good maintenance.

Credible: There are many highly credible personalities who swear by this product such as Carol Tshabalala, Lorna Maseko, and Thandolwethu Tsekiso.

My experience

The experience was delightful, and the nail technician shared so much on the brand that I even uttered a comment; “Is there anything the Germans can’t do? PERFECTIONISTS!”. As I share this; a week has passed, and with little growth, I’m happy to say my nails are still intact. The nail technician shared some valuable points I would like to put to the test:

  • With good nail care, you could go more than two years before ever fully removing the product from your nail bed.
  • The chances of your nails lifting, or breaking is extremely low even with the heavy lifting I’ve become accustomed to.
  • The nails and shape look better with time after a few more fills.

I am obsessed and look forward to my next fill, but if you wish to find a salon that offers a treatment for you, there is more info on the LCN website. 

Available in South Africa & neighboring countries: Angola, Namibia & Zambia.

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  1. This is actually delightful. A great way to nurture you own natural nails while also having the luxury of style that lasts

    Thank you for the review ?

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